Posted: August 29th, 2011

If you have been watching mainstream media of late you would think Dr Phillips real estate and many Orlando communities are doom and gloom and still declining markets. Keep in mind many of these same news outlets predicted at the peak in 2005 the real estate boom was going last another 10 years, even so far as saying Orlando, Florida was going to be the third largest city in the US. This is not so much blasting the media but more about trust and then verifying facts.

Numbers are a funning thing, anyone can look at a specific time frame of a market and write a story to support it but first we need to understand and accept that real estate is local. Those of us that live in Orlando, Florida understand it’s a large geographical area, from east Orlando, Lake Nona, north off of 1-4, downtown Orlando and then southwest into the Dr Phillips.

Dr Phillips real estate was a sought out community in the past and still is today, especially after 5 years of declining prices. Sure this little niche market of Orlando, Florida declined like every other community in the US but it only comes to reason communities that where attractive and in high demand at the peak would come back first. There are a total of 8 single family bank-owned properties for sale in Dr Phillips, even in the short sale market Dr Phillips currently has only 28 homes for sale. So where are all these distressed Dr Phillips homes for sale, they are gone, the ship has sailed and the bottom was here and passed.

Buyers that have been making offers and have found themselves in a multiple offer situation or have lost out on a home are especially alert of new listings and don’t waste time, and if it’s the right house, they’re writing an offer. The deals are still out there but you have to look even harder now and your competition is right behind or already making an offer.

Get the latest Dr Phillips Homes to come on the market here and don’t be left behind. When searching for Dr Phillips the best way is by zip code, use 32819 and 32836 to make sure you see everything available for sale.